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Midnight Repost is an indie alternative funk band from Essex. The project was started in early 2020 by film composer and now frontman Liam Priestnall. Liam was signed to Bucks Music Group in 2017 as a film composer, but during 2019 he shifted directions and began writing rock and pop music. During the first pandemic lockdown he began releasing them under the alias Midnight Repost. After early success with Radio (Radio 1, BBC Essex, BBC Rapal) Liam brought a group of musicians together to form a band to began performing live.


Darius (Bass) is a childhood friend of Liam's, and started learning bass in 2019 and was the first to join the group. Freddie (Drums) moved from Norway to London in 2021 to pursue being a session drummer, and reached out to the band on Instagram after they posted about needing a drummer. Since then the band has been an official three piece with several session guitar players featuring for videos and live shows.


At this time Liam is the sole songwriter of the group. He has studied in many genres of music including jazz, classical and rock, and has a deep understanding of music theory. His songs tend to possess a self deprecative and ironic persona, as well as using themes of mortality and feeling out of touch with reality. The sound is a blend of classic rock, prog rock, funk and 80s pop.

Midnight Repost finished their debut tour in November of 2023 and are expected to release their debut EP in the Spring of 2024. The EP will mark the first time the full band was involved in the recording process.

Similar artists include The Band CAMINO, The 1975, LANY, Half Alive and Starletta.

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